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I Got My Belly Button Piercing Surgically Removed — & Here’s How It Looks Now
Facelift Erases 20 Years in 20 Min!
Plus, the hourglass hips treatment!
Something ghastly is happening in America, whispering through the gaps in our picket fences, hitchhiking on springtime breezes. An invisible threat that waits, Boogeyman-like, in the deep ridges of our brain, cultivating a kind of pure, illogical fear some of us have not experienced since we were children and find ourselves unprepared to experience now: the inexorable passage of time.
Dr. Joubin Gabbay tells us his practice is aiming to reopen May 15, but they’re waiting for more guidelines on how to do so safely.
As we reported … the Bev Hills city council voted last week to resume elective and cosmetic surgeries, setting the stage for plastic surgeons to operate on rich folks and celebs.
Dr. Gabbay has some reservations … he says it’s dangerous to open right now, even though patients have been calling since the lockdown started.
Dr. Gabbay has extensive experience helping moms through challenges with breastfeeding, and provides the readers of Whitney Port with advice on how best to wean their little ones. Whether mom is in a position to wean the baby off slowly over time, or would like to do so fairly quickly, Dr. Gabbay provides insight into how to approach it and how to keep everyone as comfortable as possible.
With the numerous non-surgical fat reducing options available on the market, Dr. Gabbay weighs in on the benefits of surgical liposuction procedures. Advancing technology means that surgeons can utilize lasers to loosen fat prior to removal. These lasers can even have the added benefit of tightening skin in the affected area!
In addition to plastic surgery, and in part because of his knowledge of the anatomy of the breast, Dr. Gabbay is also a breastfeeding specialist. In this article, he explains how his knowledge can help new moms and anyone experiencing breastfeeding challenges. He then goes on to explain the basics of milk production and delivery in the body, and some of the most common challenges breastfeeding moms face.
In an Allure article about stretch marks, Dr. Gabbay discusses the reality of getting rid of stretch marks – namely, that it is difficult to do, if not completely impossible to do reliably. Newer stretch marks in younger patients have a better chance of being erased by laser treatments, but more established stretch marks on older individuals will have a much more difficult time.
As technology advances in all areas, patients can expect numerous improvements in the safety and effectiveness of the procedures they are seeking out. Dr. Gabbay explains to Allure how a new numbing injection, Exparel, can help tummy tuck patients by making the initial part of recovery less painful. Another advancement he discusses is a different type of breast implant which is firmer, to benefit patients of particular body types.
For those who are constantly in the public eye, there is a great deal of pressure to maintain their looks as they age. This piece from The Hollywood Reporter gives readers an idea of what procedures are recommended to people at different ages, as well as the price tags for those procedures.

Dr. Gabbay, along with a handful of other prominent plastic surgeons across the country, weighs in on whether former President Bill Clinton had undergone aesthetic enhancements previous to his appearance at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. He speculates that the former President underwent fillers and may have had fat injections to improve the volume loss in his cheeks, and believes it was a job well done!

When Lil Kim surprised fans and followers with her new look, Dr. Gabbay gave readers of OK! Magazine his expert opinion on the changes. He first advised that people bear in mind that lighting, photo alteration, and makeup contouring can all have a significant impact on the final photo. Dr. Gabbay then goes on to note that her cheeks are fuller, likely due to injectable fillers, her nose is narrower, and her skin is lighter.
Model and entrepreneur Blac Chyna is quite famous for her remarkable derriere, but in 2016, Radar Online questioned whether it had been enhanced, as it appeared to have begun to droop. Dr. Gabbay speculates that she has received butt implants and that they were beginning to shift out of place, perhaps due to weight fluctuation or improper surgical technique.
Dr. Gabbay spoke with Teen Vogue about the wide variety of surgeries which are available to those looking to alter the size, shape, or position of their breasts. Breast surgeries across the board have been on the rise year after year, and though breast augmentation (enlargement, usually through implants) is the more popular of the two, breast reduction is growing in popularity as well. Learn more about the options available today!
In a Bustle article discussing how to keep both hair and skin healthy while still enjoying all that a summer at the seaside has to offer, several plastic surgeons weighed in. Dr. Gabbay encouraged readers to remember how important it is to stay hydrated. The salty air and powerful sun can dehydrate both your skin and your hair, so having lots of water handy throughout the day can be extremely helpful to ensure you get what you need! As a bonus, be sure to moisturize before you hit the waves, he says,to help prevent dryness.
In this article for Plastic Surgery Practice, Dr. Gabbay and several of his contemporaries weigh in on the psychology of why women choose to get breast augmentations, and what the healthiest reasons are to get the procedure. The general consensus seems to be that if an individual is choosing the procedure because it is something they want for themselves, rather than for someone else, the outlook is a positive one.
In an article profiling immigrants in the beauty industry, Allure talks to our own Dr. Joubin Gabbay. Dr. Gabbay was born in Tehran and moved to the states in 1978. When he began his work in the surgical field, his studies helped to advance the use of fat-derived stem cells in breast reconstruction procedures and facial rejuvenation.
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