Patients may experience drooping breasts for a variety of reasons, from genetics to the natural changes that occur after breastfeeding. When this happens, many patients report a challenge in maintaining confidence in their bodies. While several traditional procedures exist to restore breast position or enhance breast size, Dr. Gabbay is proud to offer his patients a specialized procedure called auto-augmentation in Beverly Hills. This unique procedure allows patients to see impressive cosmetic enhancements without needing implants.

What Is Auto-Augmentation?

Auto-augmentation is a breast lift procedure that can also result in increased breast size but does not require the use of implants. Instead, Dr. Gabbay uses the patient’s existing tissue to lift and shape the breasts in order to improve their appearance according to the patient’s preferences. This creates an aesthetically pleasing outcome while also preserving a more natural feel of the breasts following recovery. It also allows for subtler results for patients who want a mild increase without resorting to artificial implants.

Benefits of Auto-Augmentation

The auto-augmentation procedure offered at Gabbay Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills may provide patients with several benefits, including:
  • Increased breast size without the need for implants
  • Natural, aesthetically pleasing results using only natural material
  • Long-lasting outcomes with minimal scarring
  • A more even and symmetrical appearance to the breasts
  • Restoration of lost volume due to weight loss or pregnancy
  • Improved breast position and ptosis reduction
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Is Auto-Augmentation the Right Choice for Me?

Dr. Gabbay understands that every patient has unique needs and works closely with each one to ensure that they are an ideal match for their procedure. During a consultation, he will work with you to assess your individual needs and determine whether auto-augmentation is the best procedure for achieving your desired results. He can also discuss potential risks and recovery information so that you can make an informed, confident decision.
We understand that auto-augmentation can be an intimidating procedure and we want our patients to feel confident in their choice of care. If you would like to learn more about auto-augmentation or our other breast procedure options, you can set up a consultation with Dr. Gabbay for a one-on-one discussion to match you with your ideal procedure.
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What Is the Procedure Like?

The auto-augmentation procedure is typically done under general anesthesia and can last 1-2 hours. During the procedure, Dr. Gabbay will make incisions in the lower portion of the breasts to gain access to the tissue necessary for auto-augmentation. He will then reposition and reshape this tissue to create a more lifted appearance with increased volume. After the procedure is complete, Dr. Gabbay will carefully suture the incisions to ensure a smooth healing and recovery process.

Recovering from the Procedure

Following auto-augmentation, patients should expect some bruising and swelling, which will slowly subside over the subsequent weeks. We recommend that you take a few days off from work and avoid strenuous activities for at least 2 weeks in order to allow your body to heal properly. Dr. Gabbay’s team of professionals is available to provide additional information and support during this period, and Dr. Gabbay typically sees patients for follow-up visits to track their recovery and results. If you encounter any questions or concerns while recovering, do not hesitate to reach out to the office of Gabbay Plastic Surgery.


Auto-Augmentation Results

Patients will usually notice the results of auto-augmentation right away, but it may take several weeks for the final outcome to become apparent. Once fully healed, patients can expect a more lifted and symmetrical appearance to their breasts without any artificial implants. Many patients also report improved breast position and increased confidence in their bodies following auto-augmentation. However, it is important to understand that it can take some time for your results to be finalized. Firstly, swelling will need to go down fully. But the nature of this procedure also means that patients will need to wait for the adjusted tissues to settle. Some fat will die off, and the overall volume and position can shift slightly. However, Dr. Gabbay takes this into consideration when performing the procedure, so your initial results will eventually resolve into the results you want.

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