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Beverly Hills Earlobe Repair


There are countless reasons a person might want to seek out earlobe repair – they might have experienced some form of trauma that resulted in disfigurement, an earring may have been pulled out and torn through the lobe, or they may have decided that they no longer wish to wear gauges. It might even be as simple as a piercing being too close to the rim of the earlobe, or routinely wearing heavy earrings. Regardless of the reasons, we can help you restore your earlobes to their natural state with minimal scarring or disruption to your life. Our Beverly Hills earlobe repair surgeon has decades of experience and can have you in and out in no time!

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The Procedure

This is a fairly straightforward outpatient procedure, often taking no more than an hour and utilizing local anesthesia. Dr. Gabbay will simply remove the damaged skin, ensure the healthy tissue is properly placed to create fully natural results, and bring the remaining skin back together. As a highly skilled surgeon with a focus on long-term results, he takes steps at every stage of the procedure to ensure the smallest, least noticeable scars possible. This can mean putting the sutures under as little strain as possible throughout the procedure, as well as providing post-operative care in the form of scar creams.

Let Gabbay Plastic Surgery Help You

There is nothing wrong with deciding that you would like to make a change to your appearance. If you had and loved your gauges yesterday, and want them gone today, we can help! Allowing your style and your appearance to evolve with you is part of the fun of being in the modern world. No matter what you are looking to achieve, our skilled plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills is prepared to help ensure that what the world sees reflects who you are.

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