What New Patients Can Expect

Dr. Gabbay has broken down the key aspects of the surgical experience you can expect when you visit Gabbay Plastic Surgery. These points highlight the extra steps taken by Dr. Gabbay and his team, and the high values they ardently follow in order to give you the best surgical experience, and the best possible results.



Dr. Gabbay’s office is dedicated to answering any questions you have about treatments and procedures, informing you about all available options for any procedure you are considering even before you make an appointment.

Consultations can be made in the evening and on weekends to accommodate your busy schedule.


Dr. Gabbay will personally meet with you to carefully discuss all of your specific concerns. Your needs and expectations will serve as the vital base to develop his recommendations and course of treatment.
Medical Review
During your consultation, Dr. Gabbay will provide a complete evaluation of your case, identifying and defining specific areas that can be treated, and discussing the best surgical options for your particular body and face. Utilizing a holistic approach, Dr. Gabbay will also take into account your overall health, lifestyle, and nutrition, as he makes his final recommendations.


Dr. Gabbay will explain all options available and help you decide on the best choice that is specifically tailored to your needs and expectations.
Dr. Gabbay understands that no two people are the same, and for that reason, every decision to perform a procedure will be individualized to accommodate your specific needs. When Dr. Gabbay works with you to decide on the best procedure he will consider the physical condition that needs treatment, your unique anatomy, your medical history, your expectations, the time you have available for recovery, and many other pertinent personalized factors.
Sometimes, reassurance that “everything is OK” is just as important as being told about the technical details of a procedure. Dr. Gabbay will only recommend a procedure if it is SAFE and APPROPRIATE. There are certainly cases where a thoughtful discussion will help you understand that surgery may not be the best option.



Dr. Gabbay’s office is committed to coordinating all aspects of your operation to ensure that it proceeds as smoothly and conveniently as possible. The Gabbay Plastic Surgery team will do everything possible to plan your procedure in a manner, time and place that is convenient for you.
Financing options are available to help ensure that the operation is affordable. Dr. Gabbay will also work with your insurance company (when possible) to ensure coverage.


Gabbay Plastic Surgery has a close relationship with numerous facilities throughout Southern California, and can perform your procedure in a location that is close and convenient to you. All the facilities Dr. Gabbay works with are fully credentialed to the highest safety standards.
All procedures are planned and performed with your safety as the primary concern. Dr. Gabbay is committed to maintaining the highest safety standards for all aspects of his care and strictly adheres to national and society-based safety protocols.
Dr. Gabbay ardently believes in tailoring each procedure to your specific needs by combining the most advanced surgical techniques with the highest safety principles, and utilizing his keen artistic eye to perform the best possible operation for you.


A successful recovery from any procedure is one that is planned. All aspects of your post-operative period will be carefully arranged well before your actual procedure. Medications, dressings, and aftercare facility arrangements will all be prepared for you before your procedure to ensure that after your surgery, you can focus on a comfortable and stress-free recovery.
Dr. Gabbay and the office staff believe strongly in a philosophy of complete accessibility, and will be in close contact with you throughout the duration of your entire recovery period, in order to assuage any concerns you have during your recovery, and to provide the best surgical experience possible.


The Gabbay Plastic Surgery team will work closely with you over the days, months and years after your procedure to make certain you are happy with the outcome and have the best results possible. The team will advise you on tips and techniques to highlight and maintain your excellent results.


At Gabbay Plastic Surgery, we strive to thoroughly educate our patients on all pertinent details of their cosmetic surgery procedure. We will discuss with you in detail the costs, recovery time, risks and options for any procedure you choose, in order to ensure that your expectations are realistic and that your desired results can be achieved. Dr. Gabbay’s training, expertise, and commitment to staying up-to-date on the latest in surgical advancements make him an ideal choice for your plastic surgery experience. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, or would simply like more information on a particular procedure, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gabbay. The skilled and professional team at Gabbay Plastic Surgery will do everything possible to ensure that your cosmetic surgery experience is a safe, positive, experience and that we achieve your aesthetic goals.
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Taking complete care of patients is a privilege of trust and responsibility that has been the driving force shaping Dr. Gabbay’s medical practice philosophy. Years of training and experience in the art and practice of surgery have forged Dr. Gabbay’s ability to involve himself in all aspects of his patients’ care. Dr. Gabbay firmly believes in a hands-on approach to meet all of his patient’s needs. From the moment you first contact the practice, he will be involved in all aspects of your care. Dr. Gabbay understands that close communication between patients and physicians is vital to the success of any surgery, and insists that he and his staff are accessible to his patients at any time, and for any reason.
Dr. Gabbay takes a stepwise approach to the care of his patients. His thorough, comprehensive approach ensures that all issues are appropriately addressed and all questions are answered. Dr. Gabbay’s medical plan is individualized to meet each patient’s unique needs and concerns. From evaluation to treatment, the values of Dr. Gabbay’s philosophy remain the same: COMMUNICATION, CARE, SAFETY, AVAILABILITY, and RESULTS.
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