Breast Reduction

For many women, large breasts can cause many physical and aesthetic complications. However, a breast reduction can help you take control over your body and improve both your health and quality of life. Also called reduction mammoplasty, this procedure allows you to decrease the size of your breasts according to your goals.
At Gabbay Plastic Surgery, our focus is on helping patients achieve the body that is best for them. If large breasts affect your quality of life, we may be able to help. Call us today to learn more about breast reduction and our full suite of procedures.

Dr. Gabbay's Breast Reduction Before & Afters

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What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of your breasts. While breast size can be a factor in attraction, all too often, large breasts can cause patients a range of physical problems. Common issues include:
  • Chronic back pain
  • Headaches
  • Breathing problems
  • Poor posture
  • Neck strain
  • Skin irritation
  • Deep, painful indentations from bra straps
Breast size may also inhibit lifestyle choices. For many, they make physical activity, sports, and exercise incredibly challenging. The end result is decreased mobility and increased potential for weight gain. Breast reduction aims to reduce breasts to a comfortable size and restore balance to your body.

Breast Reduction Procedure Overview

Breast reduction surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis, so you can return home the same day. During the procedure, you will be under general anesthesia and completely comfortable. Procedure times vary depending on the extent of reduction. However, a breast reduction procedure generally can take 2-3 hours to complete.
Once the incision is made, Dr. Gabbay will remove excess skin, tissue, and fat. He then shifts the nipple-areolar complex to a higher position for cosmetic purposes. Excess fat may also be removed through liposuction or other techniques to improve contouring.
Drainage tubes will be inserted at the end of the surgery to drain fluid but are removed 1-2 days after your surgery. The incision site will then be sutured with dissolvable stitches. We wrap your breasts in special gauze before you are taken to the recovery room. If everything looks good, you can go home.
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Breast Reduction Recovery & Downtime

After your breast reduction surgery, you will have some discomfort for the first couple of days. However, any pain can be controlled with medication as needed. Following surgery, your breasts will see immediate results. However, the final shape and size may not be evident until healing is complete and all swelling has gone down. You should be able to see your final results within six months.
To ensure optimal and quicker healing, we provide you with a complete list of recovery instructions. Examples include keeping dressing clean and wearing a support bra. While healing, you will also need to rest and limit movement. Doing so speeds up the healing process and reduces recovery time.
Most patients take 1-2 weeks off work for the initial downtime and recovery period. During this time, getting rest will be ideal for helping your recovery. Dr. Gabbay will let you know when you are ready to return to your usual routine and activities.

Types of Breast Reduction Surgery

There are many different types of breast reduction surgery. The method that is best for you will depend on your goals and expected outcome.
Common breast reduction surgical techniques include:
  • Inferior Pedicle Technique: Provides a youthful lift to the breast.
  • Vertical Technique: Maintains the functionality of the nipple.
  • Horizontal Technique: Best for women whose breasts are too large for the vertical scar technique.
  • Standard Breast Reduction: Best suited for women with large breasts suffering from severe breast sagging.
  • Free Nipple-Graft Technique: Allows large amounts of tissue to be removed, but leaves the nipple without functionality.
  • Liposuction: Effective for women who only need a small amount of tissue removal. It can be performed along with other breast reduction techniques.


Is Breast Reduction Right for Me?

Choosing breast reduction can often be a challenging choice. However, the outcomes bring a range of new benefits to patients and improved quality of life. If large breasts are causing you discomfort or other problems, a breast reduction may be right for you.
If you experience any of the following due to your breasts, this procedure could be for you.
  • Loss of sensation in the arms or fingers
  • Scar-like lines on the breasts
  • Chronic back pain
  • Shoulder and neck pain
  • Poor posture
  • Bra-strap grooves
  • Numbness in the breasts or upper chest
  • Skin rashes under the breasts
  • Inability to exercise and restricted movement
  • Pendulous breasts with nipples and areolas that point downward
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Self-consciousness about breast size

Your Consultation

The first step to becoming a candidate is to call Gabbay Plastic Surgery and schedule a complimentary consultation. During your visit, Dr. Gabbay will:
  • Discuss specific surgical goals
  • Cover your detailed medical history
  • Assess your physical and emotional health
If breast reduction surgery is a good option for you, Dr. Gabbay will explain what your procedure will look like and go over every detail with you first. You will be encouraged to voice any concerns in an open discussion. This way, you and Dr. Gabbay can decide together on the best treatment options to achieve your goals. He will then create a customized treatment plan based on:
  • Size and shape of your breasts
  • Quality of your skin
  • Position of your nipples
  • Your individual needs

Does Insurance Cover a Breast Reduction?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) classifies breast reduction surgery as a reconstructive procedure. The reason is that it is most often performed to correct a physical or medical problem, rather than strictly to improve one’s appearance. For this reason, insurance may cover the procedure’s costs.

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule your consultation today to finally achieve relief from the symptoms of large breasts. At Gabbay Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, we are committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic and medical goals. They tailor your treatment plan to meet your unique needs and objectives. If you would like additional information about breast reduction surgery, please contact us today.
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