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We believe everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own body. Being proud of your body is crucial for building self-confidence and having a good quality of life. That is why we are pleased to offer our patients a body lift here in Beverly Hills. If you have concerns about your upper or lower torso, this could be the procedure for you.
At Gabbay Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Gabbay is proud to offer a complete range of cosmetic procedures. For each procedure, he uses state-of-the-art techniques proven to be effective and successful when addressing aesthetic issues.

What Is A Body Lift?

There is no denying that our bodies go through significant changes as the years pass. However, some factors can speed up changes, including:
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Sun damage
  • Stress
  • Your environment
  • And the natural aging process
In many cases, no amount of diet and exercise can address the sagging skin and uneven body contours that these factors result in. That is where a body lift can help.
A body lift is a surgical procedure that enhances the appearance of the upper or lower torso by removing excess skin. There are different types of body lifts:
  • Upper
  • Lower
  • Mid
  • Total
Dr. Gabbay works with each patient to determine the best body lift option for that individual.
For patients with good skin elasticity, liposuction alone is generally sufficient. Body lifts are more comprehensive procedures not intended solely for the removal of fatty tissue. Surgical body lifts help to improve various aspects of the underlying tissue, including:
  • Shape
  • Contour
  • Tone
Typically a body lift involves reducing and tightening loose skin during a single operation. If an upper and lower body lift are combined, the treatment is called a total body lift. Today the procedure can benefit anyone seeking a firmer, more youthful-looking body.
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Types of Body Lift Procedures

The four types of body lift procedures we offer are:
  • Knees
  • Buttocks
  • Thigh area

Upper Body Lift

Upper Body Lift contours the breasts, upper back, and arms by trimming excess skin and tightening the remaining tissue. Ideally suited for patients with loose skin over the lower rib cage, drooping breasts, or hanging skin under the upper arms.

Mid-Body Lift (Torsoplasty)

Mid-Body Lift (Torsoplasty) addresses the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, back, and pubic areas. Best for patients desiring a more comprehensive body shaping procedure.

Lower Body Lift

Lower Body Lift consists of a buttock lift, tummy tuck, and thigh lift. It sculpts the entire lower body by:
  • Tightening the abdominal wall
  • Elevating the groin area to a normal position
  • Tapering the waistline
  • Removing excess skin on the thighs and lifting the buttocks

Total Body Lift

Total Body Lift combines a lower and upper body lift for total body rejuvenation. Beneficial for patients who have poor skin elasticity and excess fat and skin over their entire body.
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Is a Body Lift Right for You?

Loose skin is an unfortunate “after-effect” of significant weight loss. Although exercise and dieting will decrease body fat, they will not correct the issue of hanging skin. Fortunately, body lifts are surgical procedures that directly target loose, hanging skin and tissue to give the body tighter, leaner contours.
Body lift surgery is designed to address the following aesthetic concerns:
  • Excess loose skin and fatty deposits caused by age, pregnancy, or massive weight loss
  • Sagging outer thigh and buttock skin, as well as extra skin in the abdomen and hips
  • Significant soft tissue looseness in one or more body areas
Candidates who have had gastric bypass or other bariatric (weight loss) surgeries are advised to wait at least one year after their surgery before a body lift. Similarly, women planning future pregnancies should postpone body lift surgery until they are finished having children. Body lift procedures may be performed on adults of any age who meet the criteria and have realistic body contouring objectives.

Determining if You are a Good Candidate

The first step to get your body lift is to schedule your consultation. During your meeting, Dr. Gabbay will discuss your overall expectations to determine whether a body lift procedure can help you fulfill your aesthetic goals. You should come to your consultation prepared to discuss your:

Medial thigh lift

Targets the inner upper thigh, The incision runs from the inside of the thigh around to the buttock crease.
  • Medical history (including any past surgeries)
  • Present medical conditions
  • Allergies
  • Medications
If Dr. Gabbay feels you are a good candidate for body lift surgery, he will walk you through the whole process. You will receive complete info on:
  • The different techniques
  • Costs
  • Potential side effects


About the Body Lift Procedure

Every aspect of your procedure is tailored to meet your needs and goals. However, all procedures use general anesthesia to ensure comfort.
For an upper-body lift:
  • The breasts are lifted and enhanced (augmented or reduced in size).
  • Excess tissue and rolls of skin are removed from the upper back and over the rib cage.
  • An arm lift is then performed to shape and tighten the upper arm region.
For a mid-body lift:
  • Excess skin is removed through incisions encircling the waist.
  • The abdominal muscles are pulled together and stitched into place.
  • Create a more defined waistline and flatter abdominal region.
For the lower body lift:
  • Excess skin and fat are removed from the lower abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.
  • Once the body lift procedure is completed, healing can start. We provide sterile dressings and bandages. And patients will be given a compression garment to minimize swelling and support the new body contours while healing.

The Recovery Process

After your body lifts, you may experience swelling at the incision sites. However, you can manage this with compression garments and drains. And you will be given pain medication to minimize any discomfort.
You can return to light walking as soon as possible to minimize the potential for blood clots. However, you should avoid bending, straining, or lifting for several days. Dr. Gabbay will provide you with a full list of instructions to optimize your results.
Many patients can return to light work and activity within 2-3 weeks. And you can see visible results of your body lift almost immediately. Still, it will take several months for all swelling to subside and for your final results to appear. Although scars are an inevitable part of any operation, Dr. Gabbay takes great care to make them as unnoticeable as possible.

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