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As we age, our bodies continually change. And our best efforts at diet or exercise might still not be enough, especially for your thighs. With a thigh lift, you can achieve a better contour for your thighs and enhance their appearance. Also called a thighplasty, this procedure has helped countless patients finally reach their aesthetic goals.

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What Is A Thigh Lift?

The goal of a thigh lift is to tighten the skin and contour the legs. It is designed to remove excess skin and fatty deposits from the thighs. It targets any signs of aging in the thighs caused by:

  • Pull of gravity
  • Genetics
  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Weight changes

For many, the thigh region can be a particular source of frustration. You have spent countless hours in the gym trying to achieve toned legs, but your body simply can’t take those final steps. It seems no matter what you do, fatty tissue and sagging skin linger on the thighs. Fortunately, it may provide the ideal solution for getting rid of thigh fat.

A thighplasty performed by Dr. Gabbay drastically transforms your legs. Our patients often enjoy a leaner, more shapely appearance after this procedure. Dr. Gabbay has performed countless thigh lifts over the last several years and has honed his techniques to create optimal results. You can expect enhancements of:
If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.

What Kinds of Thigh Lifts Are Available?

Dr. Gabbay fully tailors each thigh lift to a patient’s needs. So, he works with several variations, always using the best option for you. These options include:
  • Inner (medial)
  • Upper
  • Spiral
  • And more
During your initial consultation, Dr. Gabbay will check your target areas and discuss your goals. At Gabbay Plastic Surgery, we understand that our patients have unique needs and need specific treatment plans. We also believe strongly in patient education. You deserve to know all your surgical options to help you fulfill your aesthetic goals.
Dr. Gabbay uses the most advanced surgical technology and techniques when performing thighplasty. This maximizes your results and diminishes the length of your recovery period. If you have more questions about thigh surgery, contact Gabbay Plastic Surgery today.

Is It Right for Me?

If you are dissatisfied with your thighs’ appearance, a thigh lift could be what you need! You could benefit from it if you have dimpled or sagging skin on your:

  • Knees
  • Buttocks
  • Thigh area
Our most common patients are those who have recently experienced extreme weight loss. Many of these patients experience challenges caused by extra skin and fat. Without surgery, these rarely can be dealt with.

You may be a suitable candidate if you:

  • Have recently lost a great deal of weight and are looking to deal with the excess skin
  • Experience excess soft tissue around the thigh areas
  • Are a healthy individual
  • Are looking to balance out existing body proportions through surgery
  • Want to smooth out stretch marks on their legs and thighs
  • Have committed yourself to a healthy lifestyle following the operation, including proper diet and exercise
  • To reduce risk and maintain results, we recommend patients refrain from smoking for at least six weeks before surgery.
It is generally a good idea to wait for this procedure until your body has reached a stable weight for best results. This is especially important for those who are planning on pregnancy or significant weight loss.

Evaluating Your Candidacy

The first step of any procedure with our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon is to have your consultation. Dr. Gabbay works closely with each patient every step of the process. To develop the best treatment plan for you, he will need to know:
  • Your overall health
  • Medical history
  • Allergies
During this consultation, you must be completely honest so that we can set you up for success. If you are a good candidate, you can start working with Dr. Gabbay on your personalized treatment.

Which One Is Right for Me?

Inner Thigh Lift

Targets the inner thigh. A good option for mild to moderate amounts of excess fat and skin using relatively short incisions.

Medial thigh lift

Targets the inner upper thigh, The incision runs from the inside of the thigh around to the buttock crease.

Vertical thigh lift

Most common choice if you recently lost significant amounts of weight. The incision extends from the groin crease from the inner knee.

Spiral thigh lift

Helps to sculpt much of the thigh, with an incision that goes from below the buttock and ends where the thigh and pubic areas join.
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Procedure Details

Each thigh lift will vary and depend on your unique goals. But below is a general outline for most procedures.

This is an outpatient surgery generally performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia. On average, it takes 2-3 hours to complete.

Using target incisions, Dr. Gabbay works toward three goals:
  • Tightening underlying tissue
  • Removing excess skin
  • Removing stubborn excess fat
  • Reshaping the skin
Dr. Gabbay closes the incision with deep support sutures to ensure your new contours do not sag after healing. In some cases, Dr. Gabbay will give you a temporary tube to drain excess fluid from the surgical site.

Although partially obscured by swelling, the results from your lift will be visible almost immediately after surgery. They will continue to improve over the next 4-6 weeks.


For the first few days after your thigh lift procedure, you may feel some tightness and discomfort. Prescribed pain medication will help control this.
After surgery, you should allow for at least a week of rest. During this time, make sure to wear your compression garment. Its job is to protect your incisions and to promote tightening of the skin.
Although we encourage post-surgical walking to prevent blood clots from forming, avoid climbing stairs or other strain. You will also need to keep your legs slightly bent at the hips during the first week. This minimizes tension around your incision line, resulting in a thinner, less-visible scar.
Most patients return to work 1-3 weeks following surgery. Keep in mind that healing is a gradual process, and it is different for every patient. Avoid any strenuous physical activity that may stress the incision sites for several weeks. Most swelling and discoloration will go away within 1-2 months.
During your follow-up visits, Dr. Gabbay will track your progress and ensure your body is healing correctly. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us at any point. We are here for you throughout the entire process.

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