Thank you so much for the incredible work you have done. It has only been a few days since my procedure, but I can already see a difference in my body! It is difficult to put into words how wonderful it makes me feel to see these kinds of results. I’m SO happy I can’t wait to see the 3/6/12 month progress! Thank you again!
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- M.E.


He is passionate about his work and compassionate towards his patients. Along with being board certified and with his reasonable pricing, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

After my daughter was born, I made the firm decision that I would get a breast augmentation: it would be my first surgical procedure.

I am a young mother but after breast feeding and pumping my breasts became deflated. I cannot emphasize enough how much this truly affected my self esteem; getting my breast back was absolutely everything to me!

He is passionate about his work and compassionate towards his patients. Along with being board certified and with his reasonable pricing, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

I started my extensive search (which took many years!) and finally came across Dr. Gabbay, and to my relief he was phenomenal! What really set him apart from the rest was Dr. Gabbay’s most genuine character while discussing my desires. He really gave me peace of mind.

My surgery was easy. I was back to work in a less then a week, and my pain was very tolerable. I was able to remain active through the entire recovery period and felt that the surgery barely impacted my life. I couldn’t believe how successful my procedure was! My results are wonderful and throughout each step of the way, Dr. Gabbay was there for me. I have finally regained my confidence! There’s nothing more important for a woman than to feel absolutely beautiful in her own skin. I am overjoyed with my experience with Dr. Gabbay and I am truly a much happier me.
Review by Kimberly
- Kimberly


Last year, as I was preparing for my first bikini competition, I noticed that as my body fat dropped, my boobs shrank. It felt like a Catch 22: I was in the best shape of my life, but I still didn’t feel sexy or confident in a bikini. Something was missing – I wanted curves. I am a weight lifter, I know I can build a booty, I can have defined shoulders, but I can’t create breasts in the gym! I asked a bunch of my teammates if they knew a good plastic surgeon.

I got a lot of responses, as this is not uncommon in the bodybuilding industry. I read a ton of reviews, made of list of doctors to see, and Dr. Gabbay was my first consultation. At our first meeting, I felt like he was so genuine and honest. I didn’t feel like I was just another patient, I felt like he really cared about what I wanted and how I wanted to look. For some reason, I expected to be rushed out the door, but he really spent a lot of time with me. He showed me photos of his work, answered the million questions I had, and let me show him pictures of girls I admired. When I left that day I honestly didn’t want to see another doctor. The next day I did have another appointment scheduled so I went. I was in and out pretty quickly and although he was nice, I did not feel as comfortable and relaxed as I did with Dr. Gabbay. I am pretty impulsive so the following week I made my appointment for my surgery!

The morning of surgery, I was obviously nervous. I have never been under anesthesia before and of course I kept thinking, what if I do wake up?! So silly. Anyways, I was in the surgery room and 2-3 sweet ladies show up to medicate me and help with the procedure. For some reason I pictured the room full of male doctors, but that was not the case. I remember telling them “…So you ladies are basically my angels today watching over me?” They agreed and I felt much more relaxed. I fell asleep seconds after I was given the anesthesia and the next thing you know, I woke up with big beautiful breasts! Dr. Gabbay asked me how I felt. I was medicated so I felt fine, sleepy, and excited!

He is passionate about his work and compassionate towards his patients. Along with being board certified and with his reasonable pricing, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

The post operation pain was not half as bad as I thought. I stayed in bed for 2 days, slept a lot and watched movies while my husband took care of me….not a bad way to spend a weekend.
Review by Jaimie
- Jaimie


At 30 years old, after being in the medical field for over 10 years and contemplating breast augmentation, I finally decided to take the plunge. I had done all of my research and I was ready to look and feel my best! Breast augmentation was something I promised myself I would do for myself once I got in the best shape of my life. I changed my lifestyle starting a regular exercise regimen with a personal trainer and eating healthy balanced meals. I ended up losing about 10 pounds of fat but gaining muscle and endurance. I went from 25% body fat to 16% body fat. At this weight I felt and looked great but my breasts were not as perky or as full as before.

I had worked with Dr. Gabbay for a good amount of time so I already felt comfortable with him and knew his work was amazing – he was the natural choice! I met with Dr. Gabbay to discuss my concerns and options. The whole experience was amazing from the consultation to the recovery. The procedure was relatively painless and I was back to work within a few days. To this day I am so thrilled with my results! Dr. Gabbay far exceeded my expectations.

Since my procedure I have felt so much more feminine and confident. I have been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle with breast implants. Working out and doing yoga are part of my daily lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Gabbay for helping me complete my transformation! Dr. Gabbay, will exceed your expectations!
Review by Brandy
- Brandy


Over Labor Day weekend, I wrote Dr. Gabbay this message below after watching one of his infamous “walks with Dr. Gabbay” on his Instastory I decided to use it as my Yelp review. *Hi Doc. Want to say something: the sweet spirited energy from everyone at your office always feels like a big hug the second you walk in. Guess what? I think other patients feel it too because they’re chillaxed and always smiling. Anyway, it didn’t take me long to trust you. (surprised myself because it takes me *awhile* to warm up to people, especially Dr’s, surgeons and dentists- no offense) Your “people person” skills matter to me. You are able to put me at ease and that’s important because some of us will come to you with insecurities or will be vulnerable about our physical imperfections. You often say things meant to build up my self-esteem (TY) that’s opposite of “jerk” or “as* dr’s.” You are no doubt very skilled at what you do, but you also have compassion, and you also hired wonderful people who are sweet souls as well. It’s why I will continue to go back and will also recommend you to others. Glad you talked about this! Have a great holiday weekend!*
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- Coco F.


Let me just start by saying that Dr. Gabbay is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He is kind and compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable. He has a great sense of humor and a wonderful bedside manner. He is very gentle and explains what he is doing every step of the way. He has a gorgeous office and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I would highly, and with the utmost respect recommend Dr. Gabbay.
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– Karen L.


I struggled with a cystic acne outbreak last year and was left with some awful scarring on my cheeks. I tried pretty much anything and everything to get rid of it – endless facials, new products, diet, etc. but nothing was working. I heard microneedling was an effective way to treat skin discoloration so I found Dr. Gabbay on yelp and gave their Trifecta treatment a try. Their Trifecta includes microneedling followed by a PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) method where your blood is drawn and the plasma is separated and then layered on your face. This process allows for collagen and new skin cell growth which will dramatically change the texture / appearance of your skin. I’ve had two treatments done so far and all scarring has completely disappeared and my skin tone is finally even. Liz, the office’s registered nurse and the person will be performing the treatment, is great at what she does and is so funny – she makes the experience so enjoyable. The recovery time is minimal – you look mildly spring break sunburned the day of (and the day after but you can wear makeup). I noticed my skin changing a couple weeks after and the scarring vanishing after 2-3 months. It’s a pricey treatment but considering I have a whole new face, I couldn’t recommend it more.
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– Sea S.


I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else! Dr. Gabbay is the rare and perfect combination of being highly skilled and having a great bed side manner. He really listens to you and what you want and then delivers above and beyond! His staff is also super nice, attentive and the office runs smoothly. I can’t recommend Dr. Gabbay and his office enough!
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– Nilou N.


Most incredible, talented and kind hearted physician in Los Angeles! He’s very knowledgeable and explains things thoroughly. I saw him for fillers and am so happy with the results! He listened to my concerns and then offered his knowledge and input I left with my features enhanced and looking more fresh faced!
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– Jasmine M.


First of all, I can’t thank dr. Gabbay enough for what’s he’s done for me with his flawless work on my Buccal fat pad removal! Wish I could give him 10 stars on yelp ! I went in for a consult and met with the surgery coordinator Melissa. She is a Gem!!! She’s so kind and informative and puts you at such an ease right away. No matter how much research you do, how many videos you watch, and all the opinions you’ve gotten from people and doctors- going in is a major step and she’s one of the reasons I decided to do this procedure with dr Gabbay ! After Melissa walked me through the basics, the dr himself came in and had the most thorough consult with me. I asked every question in mind I had for the last few years and he was incredibly kind and informative. He’s that kind of doctor you love right away. Believe me, I’m very into energies and he’s def got the best. You want a doctor that’s not stiff and is relatable, and Dr. Gabbay couldn’t have been nicer and more trustable. He didn’t make any false promises or rush me out, yet he told me I’m a good candidate for the surgery and made me feel super confident about my choice ! Sooo, I signed up to have the surgery ! Day of, I arrived super nervous !!! I felt incredibly safe in the office and in his hands, but still. It’s surgery… the nurse gave me a Xanax and dr came in and gave me the Demerol shot. Let me tell you, within 5 mins, I was in heaven. All my nervousness and worries turned into excitement of this dream come true day ! They took me back and he started the procedure Let me tell you, i didn’t feel a thing during the procedure. dr Gabbay has the lightest hands and I felt no pain ! He was talking to me the entire time keeping me in the loop of what’s going on. The whole thing took maybe 20 mins max. Super super easy. I was shocked when he said we are done ! Post surgery I had some swelling for the first few days and it’s gone down a lot. It’s been 3.5 months and I couldn’t be happier every time I look at myself. I am smiling way way more than I used to because of the confidence I got. I seriously can’t thank you guys enough for giving me this !!! Beyond beyond happy… I get compliments daily now on how good I look – no one can tell what I’ve had done but they keep saying how good I look… but guess what? Am telling everyone (including here) that I did this with the best of the best! I did research 2 years to pick him. Thank you dr Gabbay and Melissa forever and always !!! Lastly, I know I wrote a novel, but as a former researching prospective patient, I wanted to read every detail and opibion and see all the proof. So here, I’m posting before and Afters I have taken myself in all kind of lighting !!!
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– Matt R.
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