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SculpSure by Cynosure is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that beautifully sculpts the body through the use of laser light.
This is the world’s first FDA approved non-invasive laser treatment indicated for the elimination of fat cells in the abdomen and flanks. Its flat, non-suction applicator and efficient hands-free device make for consistent, natural-looking results. This Beverly Hills body sculpting procedure is great for those with stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to diet or exercise. SculpSure can provide excellent results on its own, or can be combined with other treatments or procedures for even more enhanced results.

Areas SculpSure Can Treat

SculpSure is FDA approved to treat the abdomen and flanks (love handles). But because of its flexible applicator frame design, we are able to treat others areas such as the buttocks, inner and outer thighs, calves, back, and arms. A consultation with Dr. Gabbay will help determine what areas of your body SculpSure can help enhance.
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How Does SculpSure Work?

SculpSure uses a hyperthermic laser to penetrate the skin with infrared light to reach the fat cells. The 1064nm light wavelength passes through both the epidermis and dermis to heat the fat cells underneath to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit which initiates lipolysis, or death of fat cells. The light does not harm the skin, much like light passing through a car and creates heat without damaging the glass. Continuous cooling is emitted from the laser to regulate temperature and keep you comfortable throughout the treatment.
Macrophages, (cell in the body that engulf smaller particles and dead cells), reach the treated area at around 4 – 6 weeks post-treatment. The macrophages digest and naturally eliminate the fat cells that were destroyed by the SculpSure laser. At the same time, fibroblast cells produce new collagen and the skin begins to tighten to its new contour.
This advanced treatment method provides lasting results because it actually destroys and eliminates fat cells from the body, not just shrinks them.

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Fat Loss Vs. Weight Loss

Although similar sounding, fat loss, and weight loss are different. The number of fat cells in your body becomes fixed in your teenage years. When you lose or gain weight, you don’t change the number of fat cells, instead, you change their size. When you consume a greater number of calories than your body uses, the excess calories can be converted to fat and stored in the fat cells throughout your body. As the number of fat cells generally remains stable, this abundance of fat causes the fat cells to increase in size. Similarly, as you lose weight through diet and exercise, your body empties the fat cells of excess fat causing them to shrink in size. With weight gain or loss, fat cells change size, they are not regenerated or destroyed.
SculpSure works differently to reduce fat content in your body. Using a carefully controlled and targeted laser, SculpSure safely destroys fat cells, completely removing them from your body, and reducing the total fat content in the are treated. The beauty of SculpSure is it actually destroys and eliminates fat cells by roughly 25% during your 25-minute session. And when fat cells are eliminated, they don’t migrate and they do not grow back; this can only be accomplished with fat reduction treatments such as the revolutionary SculpSure by Cynosure.
There are several benefits to choosing SculpSure, such as:
  • Treatment in just 25 minutes
  • Non-surgical & non-invasive
  • No anesthesia
  • No needles
  • No downtime
  • No pain
  • Over 95% patient satisfaction rate
  • Clinically proven results
  • Safe for all skin types
Dr. Joubin Gabbay in Beverly Hills specializes in the art of body sculpting. His keen eye for detail and proportions allows him to determine the exact number and configuration of SculpSure applicators are needed to provide you with optimal results. Our relaxing office, comfortable treatment room, beautiful view and abundant treatment session entertainment make this time the best 25 minutes of your day.

SculpSure vs. Liposuction

Dr. Gabbay is a specialist in body contouring and offers all of the most up advanced treatment options to help you achieve the shape you want.
SculpSure is a treatment option that is offered to many patients as an easier and less invasive option to liposuction. An important difference to make between liposuction and SculpSure treatment is the differences in their results and downtime.
Liposuction allows for a greater amount and area of fat reduction to be performed at one session, but requires anesthesia, and has associated downtime, swelling and post-procedure pain. SculpSure, on the other hand, is essentially painless, can be done in 25 minutes and has absolutely no downtime. SculpSure may have a more limited fat reduction at one session compared to liposuction and results will take time to show, but it is a substantially easier procedure to undergo.
One is not better than the other; SculpSure and Liposuction are different and effective approaches to solving the same problem. Dr. Gabbay offers multiple treatments for body contouring to fit the demanding and different requirements of ALL of the patients in his practice.

Sculpsure Vs. Coolsculpting

SculpSure has many advantages over other non-surgical fat reduction treatments. There are notable advantages of SculpSure as an improvement on the well-known treatment CoolSculpting, which is one of the earlier generation fat reduction treatments.
  SculpSure CoolSculpting
Fat reduction method Thermolipolysis Cryolipolysis
Treatment time 25 minutes session with up to 4 applicators. 1 hour session per applicator.
Comfort No discomfort as constant cool temperatures are emitted the entire time. Pain as the skin and fat are tugged and suctioned into the applicator.
Treatable Areas Nearly unlimited treatment options. The flexible applicator frame does make it possible to treat many areas such as the abdomen, waist, arms, back, thighs, and more. Stiff applicator design limits treatable areas.
Efficacy 20-25% fat reduction of an area per session 20-25% fat reduction of an area per session
Visibility of Results 6 weeks – 3 months 2 – 4 months
Smoothness of Results Heat is dispersed smoothly beyond the applicator to blend the treatment area with surrounding areas. Treatment area is suctioned so unnatural ridges can occur where the applicators were placed.
Side Effects None reported. Long-term nerve pain, numbness, bruising, swelling, sensitivity.

Good Candidates for SculpSure

SculpSure can be used on almost anybody. Candidates can be categorized into two categories:
  • Group 1: Pinch an inch or less – These candidates have small areas of fat that are resistant to working out and dieting. SculpSure reduction of fat from the treatment area would provide satisfactory results for these patients in just one session.
  • Group 2: Pinch more than an inch – These candidates have slightly more fat, but do not want to undergo liposuction or cannot afford to take any downtime. These patients must be aware that it may take more than one SculpSure treatment to reach desired result.
SculpSure can be performed on patients of all skin types, and is considered a very comfortable procedure; some people even nap during their session. As far as results, the more localized the fat deposit, the better the result. While SculpSure in Beverly Hills can be performed on patients of any size, dramatic results on overweight or obese patients may require multiple sessions.


During your one-on-one private consultation with Dr. Gabbay or his specially trained staff, you will discuss any areas that you are interested in enhancing with SculpSure. As a part of the consultation, you will learn how SculpSure can improve your contours, and if there are any other options available for treatment. Dr. Gabbay specializes in SculpSure, and will work with you to figure out the optimal personalized treatment plan that will provide you with your desired results. Some patients are able to see ideal results with one treatment, and the flexibility of the applicator frame ensures each patient receives a treatment that compliments their body. At this time, Dr. Gabbay and his staff will explain the SculpSure treatment process so you know exactly what to expect on the day of your treatment session. Please feel free to ask any questions, including pricing inquiries.

The Treatment Process

The procedure begins with marking the treatment area(s) and choosing an applicator pattern that best fits the area(s) to provide optimal results. Each applicator is securely placed in the plastic frame held down by elastic straps to ensure even and accurate results. When the device begins the treatment, you will feel some warmth as well as a cooling sensation; this is a combination of the infrared light and the applicator cooling and regulating the skin temperature. The intervals of warmth followed by cool indicate that the infrared light is targeting the fat cells. From start to finish the procedure takes less than 30 minutes, and you are able to immediately return to your daily activities.

Recovery & Results

The cost of your SculpSure treatment is dependent on the number of areas treated and how many sessions you need to reach your desired results. Price will vary if you desire to receive multiple treatments at the same time. Please give us a call or schedule a consultation online and we will gladly provide you with a quote.

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