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Facial surgical procedures have become increasingly popular, with advances in surgical technology leading to reduced recovery times, more natural results, and a wider range of procedural options. Dr. Gabbay’s detailed medical evaluation will carefully determine the best approach to address your individual requirements based on a thorough evaluation of your goals and desired surgical results.
Gabbay Plastic Surgery offers a wide variety of Beverly Hills facial cosmetic procedures, including:

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Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

The face, more than any other physical feature, is the first thing people notice about an individual, and its appearance is a direct reflection of one’s personality and health. Due to the delicate nature of facial skin, this region is often the first area of the body to show the unwelcome signs of aging. Environmental factors, repetitive facial expressions, gravity, stress, sun exposure, trauma, and genetics all contribute to changes in facial appearance over time.
With age, facial skin loosens and sags, and folds sometimes appear under the chin and neck. Distinct jaw lines become jowls, and the glowing tone and texture of the skin may become pigmented and dull. All of these elements contribute to a facial appearance that many patients desire to change and improve. Dr. Joubin Gabbay, M.D. is committed to helping women and men enhance their natural facial aesthetics, and improve upon whichever facial elements patients find undesirable. Two prominent trends in modern American society are the ideas of holding on to one’s youthful appearance and using the latest technology to improve upon undesirable physical attributes. Because facial plastic surgery addresses both of these trends, it has become increasingly popular over the past decade.
From his state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, Dr. Gabbay offers a wide variety of advanced procedures to help you enhance your facial appearance. Facial cosmetic surgery requires an extremely high level of precision and technique, and Dr. Gabbay’s experience and skill make him the perfect choice to perform this type of procedure. Dr. Gabbay prides himself on staying up-to-date with the latest technological advances and innovations in the surgical field, which enables him to provide his patients with the safest operations, yielding the most optimal results. Dr. Gabbay recognizes that each patient has a unique facial appearance and unique goals for their surgical procedure, and his thorough attention to detail, combined with his skillful talent, yields consistently natural beautiful results. Dr. Gabbay works with each patient to customize a treatment plan designed specifically for that individual’s needs and goals. He enables his patients to achieve the facial appearance they desire and works tirelessly to ensure that the surgical results are as natural and subtle as possible.
As with all operations, there are risks associated with facial cosmetic surgery; however, you can rest easy knowing that Dr. Gabbay takes all steps necessary to minimize any potential risks. Dr. Gabbay and his professional staff will stay in close contact with you throughout your recovery process to ensure it is as painless as possible.
Although many cosmetic procedures are elective and not covered by insurance, there are instances where your insurance may cover your operation., The team at Gabbay Plastic surgery will work with you and your health insurance company to get you the best coverage possible. Undergoing any cosmetic procedure is an important choice, and the team at Gabbay Plastic Surgery is here to help you make an informed, responsible decision. If there are elements in your facial appearance that you wish to enhance, or if you have questions about any surgical procedure, please contact Gabbay Plastic Surgery today, and allow Dr. Gabbay and his team to assist you in fulfilling all of your aesthetic goals. You may also click the link below to read a more in-depth description of the different facial surgery procedures.
Call Gabbay Plastic Surgery today at (310) 205-9500 to learn more about the Beverly Hills face procedures we provide. Our skilled surgeon has over twenty years of experience helping patients feel more beautiful than ever before.
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