How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

BBLs, or Brazilian Butt Lifts, are a prevalent procedure that can redefine the form and appeal of one’s backside. These procedures are comprehensive in the aesthetic benefits that they bring.

One of the main benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift is that the results from them tend to last for a very long time. A typical Brazilian Butt Lift procedure can last over a decade.

How Long Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

If you’re interested in receiving Beverly Hills BBL surgery and would like to know what to expect from the procedure, take a look at this overview that describes some of the major elements of this fantastic surgery.

What Occurs During a BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery is shortened to BBL Surgery. The goal of a BBL is to give a patient’s buttocks more firmness, volume, and definition.

Additionally, it can eliminate fat from parts of the patient’s body that may not respond well to diet or exercise. It can be effectively paired with liposuction in this way to get overall amazing outcomes.

In some ways, a BBL’s popularity stems from its ability to do two surgeries in one: it transplants undesired fat that has been superfluously implanted in some body parts to other locations where the patient may genuinely want that fat.

How Long Do Results Last?

The results of a BBL are very long lasting. They can be expected to last semi-permanently. However, because fat is a malleable substance that shifts along with lifestyle habits and other facts, there is much variability in terms of how your results may appear over time.

In general, you can expect the results from your BBL to last for up to several years, and perhaps even several decades. However, as stated, much of this tends to depend on the way you treat your results and the rest of your body.

When you first finish your procedure, you can expect your butt to lose 40% of its volume initially. Then, as your backside begins producing fat cells again, your butt will likely reach its maximum expression in a few weeks. Once this apex has been reached, you likely will maintain the same appearance for several years.

Ways To Extend Your Results

As stated before, much of the longevity of your BBL results depend on how you approach your health and wellness. Some of the ways that you can extend the lifespan of your results include:

  • Maintaining a Constant, Healthy Weight: Maintaining a healthy weight without too much fluctuation can give you a leg up in maintaining your results for longer. Rapid changes in weight can wreak havoc on the elasticity of your ski.
  • Eating a Healthy Diet: Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables never hurts, and the same logic applies to a BBL.
  • Wearing Compression Clothing as Instructed: Your physician may give you some compression bandages and the like to wear directly following your procedure. Following your physician’s instructions regarding these bandages can help ensure that you’re able to maintain your results for longer.
  • Reduce Pressure on Your Butt: Try to avoid applying too much pressure to your butt in the days and weeks following your procedure. Too much pressure can disturb the very sensitive levels of blood pressure flowing into your fat cells, which can drastically alter the way that your results express themselves.

How Much Fat Is Required for A BBL?

There isn’t a single correct solution to this question. This is due to the fact that a number of factors may affect the decision-making process.

These elements are quite varied. Among them are items such as the following:

  • The patient’s dimensions and body type
  • The amount of fat that can typically be harvested
  • Your ideal BBL outcome
  • The amount of fat that remains on the body

It’s possible that just a tiny quantity of fat will be required to achieve the desired results if your only goal is to have your buttocks’ appearance slightly altered.

Am I of a Healthy Weight?

The majority of healthy-weight patients are eligible for BBL surgery. Nonetheless, in certain instances, a patient may be too thin for the procedure to be successful.

Silicon butt implants are one treatment that is frequently suggested for individuals in this situation. Before beginning any form of treatment, the patient may in certain situations be tempted to put on weight for a few weeks or months. However, because it complicates the process, most surgeons won’t actually recommend this.

The fact that the transplanted fat cells frequently decrease following the initial BBL operation adds to the problems. Thus, it is possible that further weight loss will undo the effects of your treatment.

Fat Embolism

Although many people wouldn’t anticipate it, if done poorly, a BBL can be a quite risky procedure. This is frequently caused by a disorder called fat embolism. A fat embolism is a medical emergency caused by stray fat particles trapped in a patient’s bloodstream and obstructing normal blood flow.

Unfortunately, there is a significant risk of serious medical problems or even death when this happens. Finding a specialized surgeon who knows how to handle this sensitive issue with care and precision is therefore vitally essential.

Steps To Ensure Safety

You will discuss a number of issues with your doctor before surgery as they may have an impact on the outcome.

Relevant considerations include your past medical history, any surgical procedures you may have had, and any prescription drugs you currently take. Your doctor will probably also take into account any dietary supplements or herbal remedies you may be taking that thin the blood.

Another step you may do to lessen the risk you’re taking is to cut back on your alcohol intake before to the surgery. As advised by your doctor, you should also probably give up smoking completely for a few weeks before your treatment.

Candidacy For BBL

During your initial visit, you can discuss with your doctor if you are a good candidate for a BBL.

Anyone who is not happy with the way their buttocks seem is generally thought to be a good candidate for a BBL. You should talk to your doctor about your medical history and your overall health status because these are two things that are considered to be very important. If your doctor approves of your course of therapy based on these factors, you will likely be given the all-clear and scheduled for surgery.

Your Pre-Surgical Consultation

It will be possible for you to talk about the particulars of your case in relation to BBL treatment at your pre-operative appointment.

You will talk about everything pertinent to your future procedure, including your personal medical history, during this appointment. You will also talk about any drugs and similar products you may be taking.

Overall, this is the greatest time to figure out what you need to do to optimize the outcome of your surgery.

Selecting The Right Physician

As a BBL can be a rather risky treatment, it’s imperative that you select a physician who can offer you the safest and most secure care possible.

You can tell if your surgeon has the skills necessary to complete the trickiest parts of this extremely sophisticated treatment by finding out if they are board qualified or a member of groups like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

You can check for a few more factors in relation to this, in addition to screening a potential doctor with clarifying questions. Getting more and not less information will ultimately give you an advantage towards approaching your procedure.

Preparing For a Successful Recovery Period

The transferred fat from a BBL will need a few weeks to settle into its final form and integrate into your blood supply. It’s very critical in this recovery period to try to ensure that as much of the transferred fat survives as possible.

Firstly, you should try to avoid sitting on your butt as much as possible for the first two weeks after the procedure. While this might seem slightly implausible, you’ll have to make the attempt to do this for up to two weeks.

If you do have to sit, then you should try and avoid intense exercise for up to eight weeks after your BBL surgery. This is partially because the fat that is burned during exercise could include the fat that you want to keep from your transfer!

As stated before, it’s also quite important for you to attempt to keep a stable weight before and after your procedure. This is because any shifts in weight have the potential to affect your overall results.

The BBL Center of Beverly Hills

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