How to Achieve Natural-Looking BBL Results

Knowing how to achieve natural-looking BBL results is vital to enjoying your procedure’s outcomes. A Brazilian Butt Lift is a type of surgery intended to provide lift and figure to one’s buttocks, and when it’s performed correctly can offer a patient a stunning makeover in this area of the body.

However, the line between having a natural-looking BBL and one that seems artificial and strange is very thin. For this reason, it’s important to know what to look for in both your doctor and the procedure.

How to Achieve Natural-Looking BBL Results

If you’re interested in receiving this type of treatment, then take a look at this guide on how to receive the most natural BBL results possible.

BBL Basics

During a BBL, your physician will transfer fat from one section of your body to your buttocks. This procedure has the ability to enhance the appearance of this part of your body in a way that’s generally more natural than the alternatives.

Although a BBL is a very effective procedure, it’s quite delicate and should only be handled by physicians who are experts in their field. This is because mishaps in a BLL have the potential to turn into medical emergencies quite quickly.

For this reason, you should only employ the services of a doctor who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and, beyond that, one who has a successful history of performing similar surgeries. This can help to ensure that your procedure goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Utilizing Fat Transfer

The key behind a BBL procedure is its utilization of pre-existing body fat, which is subsequently transferred onto the behind.

The fat transfer look is lauded by patients for providing a more natural and subtle appearance than other methods. Fat is harvested from an area of the body where it exists in excess.

This type of procedure has gained in popularity of late due. After all, developments in the field which have made it safer and easier to execute. The progress made in recent years surrounding the technicalities of the procedure has made it a much safer and more effective procedure than it was in the past.

BBL vs. Butt Implants

BBLs are considered preferable to the other major types of treatments for several reasons. The other major type of procedure that patients choose is typically injectable fillers, which carry with them some difficult complications.

Some of the major advantages of receiving a BBL over injectables include the following:

  • A more natural-looking outcome: As mentioned before, a BBL has the potential to give a patient more “natural-looking results” compared to injectables
  • Less chance of certain complications: A BBL, when executed well, carries with it a lower chance of certain types of complications. This includes infection, shifting implants, and general discomfort.
  • Less downtime: Typically, a BBL has a shorter recovery period than implants by about 2-3 weeks.

Given these advantages, there’s little reason not to select a BBL as your procedure of choice.

What Natural-Looking Results Can I Expect from a BBL?

The effects of a well-executed BBL are subtle. However, what you can anticipate includes an hourglass figure, as well as a physique that looks good in all types of environments.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are several stages of recovery from a BBL. These include the “fluffing stage,” a period where your affected surgery area is affected by inflammation.

During this period, your skin and muscles might appear puffy or swollen as compared to what you might expect. This is normal and should subside after approximately 6 to 8 weeks. After this period, you should find that the swelling on your skin subsides and it returns to appearing as normal.

The final results of your BBL should be apparent after approximately 3-6 months following your initial procedure. If you have issues beyond this time period, you’ll want to return to your physician to determine whether or not there are issues at hand.

Determine Right Away: Am I a Good Fit for a BBL?

In general, anyone who is dissatisfied with the way their buttocks look is seen to be a good BBL candidate. The overall status of your health and your medical history are two aspects to address with your doctor. The reason is that they are of the utmost significance.

You’ll probably be cleared for treatment and given a surgery date if your doctor gives you the go-ahead based on these considerations.

How Much Fat Is Required for a BBL?

There is more than one way to respond to this query. This is due to the fact that a number of factors may affect the decision-making process.

These variables are quite varied. Several of them consist of the following:

  • The patient’s physique and proportions
  • The average amount of fat that can be harvested
  • Your ideal BBL outcome
  • How much body fat endures
  • The BBL result you’re hoping for

It’s possible that only a modest quantity of fat is required to achieve the changes you’re searching for if you merely want to slightly alter the appearance of your buttocks.

On the other hand, you could discover that more fat is required generally if you’re seeking a more significant change in the appearance of this area of your body.

It’s vital to keep in mind that about 25% of the fat transferred will really perish during the transfer. But before the procedure, your doctor will take this into consideration.

Steps You Can Take to Enhance Your BBL’s Safety

Before your procedure, you’ll meet with your doctor to go over a variety of things that might affect how your surgery goes.

Your personal medical history, any previous surgical history, and any prescription drugs you are now taking are all relevant factors. Your doctor will also likely consider any herbal or dietary supplements you may be taking that have blood-thinning properties.

Reducing your alcohol consumption before the procedure is another action you may take to reduce the danger you’re taking. Additionally, you should probably stop smoking altogether for a few weeks before your procedure, as per your doctor’s advice.

Am I of a Healthy Weight?

The majority of individuals with a healthy weight will be eligible for a BBL surgery. But occasionally, a patient is simply too thin for the procedure to be successful.

Starting any form of treatment, the patient may occasionally be tempted to put on weight for a few weeks or months.

However, due to its complicated effects on the treatment, the majority of surgeons won’t really recommend it.

The fact that the fat cells that were transplanted will frequently contract after the first BBL operation adds to the problems.

Recovering Safely from a BBL

The post-surgical period is just as important as the time you spend getting ready. Perhaps more so than the time you spend in the operating room, with a procedure as complicated and possibly dangerous as a BBL.

To get the greatest outcomes and maximize the benefits of your operation, it is imperative that you adhere to the post-operative instructions to the letter. Some of these recommendations might be:

  • Using compression clothing prescribed by your doctor to speed up recovery and help the skin tighten up
  • If you gave up smoking or vaping before surgery, you might want to keep doing so.
  • Maintaining a regular sleep pattern is important. You should also refrain from exercising in ways that are too forceful or hard.

By adhering to these best practices, you can reduce the risks related to your recovery from surgery and keep the best outcomes beyond your first treatment.

Unfortunately, the body experiences a lot of stress in the first several days following a BBL. Therefore, it is crucial that you be ready to take care of your demands with as little tension and as much calm as you are able to manage. Additionally, it will be crucial that you heed any routine medical recommendations.

Minimize Pressure on The Buttocks

Wearing loose-fitting clothing and generally avoiding putting too much pressure on your surgical region are key. These are just a couple of the many other little things that might influence how your post-operation time develops.

This is due to the fact that this area will be extremely sensitive to any type of stress, especially in the days and weeks after your treatment.

Despite the BBL surgery’s intricacy, it is often completed in a few hours. This allows you to leave the hospital and return home the same day. In light of this, you should plan ahead to get some help with tasks like getting home after surgery and creating a cozy post-surgical environment for yourself.

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