How to Promote a Safe BBL

BBL’s are a great way to add some volume and heft to one’s backside, especially when that area has begun to suffer and sag due to the inevitable tax of time. This is one of the reasons that this procedure has become quite popular over the years. Below, we look at how to promote a safe BBL.

How to Promote a Safe BBL

However, this is a delicate procedure that requires tact, skill, and caution in order to be executed safely and soundly. It should only be placed in the hands of a skilled professional, and every precaution should be taken to ensure patient safety by your plastic surgeon.

If you have a BBL planned and are concerned about safety, take a look at this guide that can help you understand the steps you need to take to have the safest procedure possible.

What Occurs During a BBL?

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery is shortened to BBL Surgery. The goal of a BBL is to give a patient’s buttocks more firmness, volume, and definition.

Additionally, it can eliminate fat from parts of the patient’s body that may not respond well to diet or exercise. It can be effectively paired with liposuction in this way to get overall amazing outcomes.

In some ways, a BBL’s popularity stems from its ability to do two surgeries in one: it transplants undesired fat that has been superfluously implanted in some body parts to other locations where the patient may genuinely want that fat.

Developments in Safety

Although the procedure’s relative safety has increased dramatically, the BBL was once among the trickiest and potentially riskiest plastic surgery treatments.

Physicians have devoted their careers to researching ways to prevent this unnerving phenomenon by making the procedure safer and more accessible.

To address these concerning trends, surgical task forces that are particularly suited to addressing these issues have been founded. They believe that some of the problems that have emerged with this operation are just growing pains associated with its still-relatively-new status.

Risks of a BBL

There are many risks that are associated with a BBL due to the fact that there are several major veins and arteries that pass through this area of the body. Some of the major risks that you should be aware of include the following:


There is a possibility of infection during a BBL. While uncommon, infections have the potential to jeopardize your results and cause serious medical problems. Redness, fever, yellow or green discharge, and other abnormalities can all be indicative of this problem.


Seromas occur when fluids build up at the site of the incision of the surgery. These abnormalities have the potential to create a risk of infection or other side effects. Ultimately, they are easily identified by swelling that doesn’t subside even after long periods of time.

Reabsorbed Fat:

During a BBL, the cosmetic surgeon transfers fat into the patient’s buttocks. However, your body can sometimes reabsorb some of the fat cells, which makes your results less noticeable. This can be avoided somewhat by the surgeon employing the correct techniques during the procedure.


Most occasions, scarring from BBL surgery is not significant due to the fact that the procedure is minimally invasive. However, abnormalities in the fat cells that are transferred during the procedure have the potential to cause excessive scarring due to fat cell death.

Tissue Necrosis:

Tissue necrosis is typically not too common for Brazilian Butt Lift patients. However, there is some possibility of this occurring, as with any surgical procedure. This medical issue occurs when the surgical site does not receive a proper amount of blood.

Sensation Loss:

There is some temporary numbness that is to be expected following a BBL procedure. This is especially true as the anesthetic begins to fade out of your system after the procedure. This can in turn lead to nerve damage or a permanent loss of feeling in the region.


This is, again, a very rare occurrence, but one that should be taken seriously due to the problems it poses. Your physician will give you an overview in order to ensure that you aren’t at risk for excessive bleeding prior to your procedure. Your surgeon will also review the kinds of medications you are taking.

General Anesthesia Problems:

A BBL requires that a patient be placed under general anesthesia to have you lose consciousness while the procedure is undertaken. Unfortunately, general anesthesia can be a complicated and sometimes risky procedure that induces any number of possible side effects.

How to Prepare for Your Operation

There are several precautionary steps you can take in order to ensure that your procedure moves forward safely and soundly. Some of the following procedures are considered part of this:

  • Pick up any prescriptions that you might need
  • Get into shape and try to be close to your ideal body weight by time of surgery.
  • Have a recovery plan prepped
  • Consult with your physician
  • Find the right physician

Following the above steps can give you an advantage in dealing with the sometimes unpredictable elements of a BBL procedure. As always, being over-prepared rather than underprepared is preferable.

Recovery Tips

Expect some side effects during recovery:

There are several different side effects that can possibly arise after a BBL procedure that can impact a patient’s recovery process. Some of the most common ones include pain, discomfort, swelling, and fluid seepage. However, if these issues become inflamed to a certain degree that seems abnormal, you may want to discuss this with your physician.

Take care with how you sleep:

Taking on a correct position for when you sleep in your post-surgical period is somewhat important in the initial period following your recovery. In addition, you’ll want to avoid placing excessive pressure on your surgical site in the days and weeks following your procedure. This will be the case for approximately 10-14 days following your initial surgery. You should consult with your physician about the correct time to begin positioning yourself as normal.

Limit the amount of exercise you take on:

High-impact and intensive exercise should be avoided for about six to eight weeks following your procedure. Once you complete that period, you should be able to engage in normal levels of exercise as usual. In fact, there are certain exercises you can take on in order to enhance your results, such as donkey kicks, squats, leg raises, and more. Chat with your physician about which potential exercises you can use to enhance your results.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet:

Eating healthily and correctly following your BBL procedure is essential for maintaining your results. Proper nourishment is especially key when the body is healing from a possibly intense procedure. Ensure that you’re eating enough, nourishing yourself with vitamins and minerals, and avoiding sugary foods or foods that are high in certain types of saturated fat. Avoiding excessive sodium intake will also decrease bloating and help speed up the rate at which swelling subsides.

Eligibility For BBL

During your initial visit, you can discuss with your doctor if you are a good candidate for a BBL.

Anyone who is not happy with the way their buttocks seem is generally thought to be a good candidate for a BBL. You should talk to your doctor about your medical history and your overall health status because these are two things that are considered to be very important. If your doctor approves of your course of therapy based on these factors, you will likely be given the all-clear and scheduled for surgery.

Because a BBL is a more intensive, riskier surgery, you will have to go through a more rigorous investigation regarding your eligibility than for some other types of procedures that are not as difficult on the body.

Picking the Right Surgeon

Make sure the surgeon you select for your BBL is up to date on the latest advancements in both technological and thought processes. As a matter of fact, you will most likely want to choose a surgeon who does this type of operation frequently.

If your surgeon is board-qualified or a member of organizations such as The Aesthetic Society or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, you can determine if they have the expertise to perform the most complex aspects of this highly technical procedure.

Furthermore, you should be able to provide your prospective doctor with at least a general understanding of your goals and aims for the planned course of therapy.

Finding a physician who is board-certified by the board of plastic surgeons is of utmost importance. Finding a board-certified surgeon can ensure that you’re receiving the highest level of care possible for you and your results. In the end, it should serve to prevent excessive mishaps in the aftermath of your surgery.

The BBL Surgeon You Can Trust

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