Why Plan Early for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a great experience that can help improve your confidence and overall physical aesthetic. Some cosmetic procedures take more preparation than others, so it’s important to plan the process with your cosmetic surgeon. It can sometimes take months as the process starts at the initial consultation and ends with your checkup appointments. So why plan early for plastic surgery?

Why Plan Early for Plastic Surgery

Below you will find more information on why you should plan early for plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Timeline

There are quite a few steps when it comes to getting plastic surgery, so it’s important to understand you may not get the results you want immediately. Consider the following steps when planning out your plastic surgery process.


Before you get started with scheduling the initial consultation, you’ll need to do your research when it comes to plastic surgeons. It’s crucial to find a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in the procedure you are considering. Talk with friends and look up reviews so you can create a shortlist of plastic surgeons you are seriously considering. Depending on how long you have been considering the procedure, this may take a couple of weeks.

Initial Consultation:

Depending on how busy the surgeon you choose is, it could be a few weeks before you can get in for your initial consultation. Some of the best plastic surgeons are backed up a few weeks, so if you are trying to get surgery for a specific event, it’s important to plan early. It’s best to plan for a six-week wait when it comes to getting into your initial consultation.


The surgeon will let you know at the consultation how you need to prepare for surgery. In some cases, you may actually need to get things accomplished in the meantime. For example, liposuction is best done when you are within a close range of your goal weight. Some surgeries also require that you stop smoking for at least one month before the procedure. With that, if you have nothing to prepare for and it just comes down to scheduling and availability, it may be faster. However, you should plan to wait between one to three months for the actual surgery just in case the surgeon you choose is booked up for a while.

Surgery and Recovery:

Most procedures are outpatient procedures, and you can leave the same day so long as everything checks out post-op. However, the recovery period can take some time. You may need to take one to two weeks off from your regular daily activities to ensure that you heal properly. For example, a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills can take two weeks to get back to your normal daily activities, but three to four months for you to feel “bikini body” ready. The recovery period is crucial when it comes to the outcome of your surgery as rest can allow your body to heal properly. Plan for at least two weeks off, but talk with your surgeon about your specific procedure.

Follow-up Appointments:

Your surgeon will need to see you after surgery to ensure you are recovering properly. This may be a few days post-surgery through a few weeks or months later. Some surgeries take weeks to months to fully settle in terms of your final outcome. So plan for a few post-op appointments with your surgeon.

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