Why Winter Is the Best Time for a Breast Surgery

Tis the season of cozy sweaters and hot cocoa. In a normal year, we would be gathering with family and friends to enjoy the winter holidays, then finding ourselves grateful for the loose-fitting clothing typical of our winter wardrobe. This year is far from normal, but there is one thing that remains the same. Winter is the best time of year to have plastic surgery, especially if you’re considering surgery on your breasts. Why though is winter the best time for breast surgery?

Why Winter Is the Best Time for a Breast Surgery

It may sound odd, but here are just a few reasons that you should consider having your breast lift Beverly Hills or augmentation over the next couple of months.

It’s Easier to Take Recovery Time

Despite all the chaos this year has wrought, there is no better time to have a surgery that requires some recovery. For those of us who are working from home, it’s easy to minimize your time off. You should still take a couple of days off to give your body the rest it will need, but then you can go right back to work. Even those who are still working outside the home have a better chance of taking time off once the rush of the holidays dies down.

Winter Clothing Is More Forgiving

Your breasts will be tender after surgery. The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery states that it is common for patients to take prescription pain medication for the first few days after surgery. After two or three days, most patients are fine with just Tylenol, as it continues to treat the swelling and discomfort that follows surgery.

Unfortunately, that swelling and pain can really limit your clothing choices. Additionally, you will likely have a surgical bra on following your procedure. They are necessary, but not exactly flattering. The ability to wear loose clothing during the winter months makes it easier to prevent chaffing and other forms of irritation as your breasts heal.

Your Skin Will Have Time to Heal

As much as you might want to show off your newly sculpted breasts, the truth is that they need a safe place to heal. You don’t want to expose your scars to sunlight or heat during this period. Rather, give your breasts a couple of months to stay cozy in a soft sweater, and they’ll be ready to show-off by the time the summer months come around.

You Don’t Have to Worry about the Heat

As much as you might enjoy a hot summer’s day, your post-surgery breasts will not. Heat can seriously aggravate any existing inflammation, which has the potential to make you truly miserable. There’s no reason to make yourself suffer when the winter months provide a natural buffer, allowing you to heal with minimal discomfort.

Scheduling Is Often Easier

The sad truth is that most people don’t realize how much they want to re-shape their body until that first time they throw on a swimsuit in June or July. Every board-certified plastic surgeon spends the summer months inundated with requests to schedule surgery. For patients who think ahead, the winter months provide the best opportunity to schedule your procedure during a time that works for you.

Knowing What You Want

So if you’re ready to give your breasts the shape and visual appeal you’ve always wanted, there really is no better time than the present. Start by examining yourself in the mirror. Consider what bothers you about your breasts. Is it the placement of the nipple? Are your breasts uneven? Do you wish they were a bit perkier? Write down anything that comes to mind and schedule a consultation at Gabbay Plastic Surgery with the best plastic surgeon Beverly Hills has. Dr. Gabbay can talk you through the options and help you find the procedure that best fits your needs.

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