Juvederm for Lips

WATCH OUR VIDEO BELOW: “This patient had her breast augmentation done two years ago and she looks spectacular. I want to show how great her scars look. They’re almost imperceptible at this point. Really everything looks perfect.” “We’re going to put some filler in Asia’s lips and make her look even more lovely and …

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Lip Laceration

SEWING UP LACERATIONS “I’m in the office and just finished sewing up a lip laceration – the husband of a doctor friend. He had a really bad surfing accident, so be warned.” “This brings up a really good point: you don’t have to go to the emergency room to have …

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Trifecta Therapy

PREPARING FOR TRIFECTA THERAPY To learn more about TRIFECTA THERAPY, please visit https://trifectatherapy.com/ “Hi everyone. Today, we were supposed to have someone come in and do some , but he got sick. So, I’m going to do it.” “We’re going to start the procedure by putting some numbing medicine on …

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Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Lift – Which Is The Right Choice For Me

woman, breast augmentation patient, with gloved hands holding her,

Breast augmentation is a procedure to increase cup size or restore breast size by utilizing breast implants or fat transfer. Breast lift is a procedure that lifts the breast tissue and areola to improve contour and correct sagging breasts and nipples, reduced volume of breasts, or widened areolas. This article …

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