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When you are looking for a way to smooth out your skin or contour your facial features without dealing with the discomfort and downtime associated with surgical procedures, our team at Gabbay Plastic Surgery has you covered. We are proud to provide our patients with a wide variety of non-surgical options to promote the full features and radiant skin of youth. Turn to our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to find out which procedures best suit the final result you are looking for!

Our non-surgical treatments include:

Cutting-Edge Technology to Serve Our Patients

When it comes to providing non-surgical options, it is extremely important for any plastic surgery practice to stay entirely up-to-date on all of the latest in cosmetic technology. At Gabbay Plastic Surgery, our surgeon not only has over two decades of experience in plastic surgery, he also ensures that he is continuously learning so that he can provide the safest, most effective techniques to our patients. With this, he is able to combine time-honored principles of balance, beauty, and structure with the cutting-edge approach that allows for beautiful, natural results previously thought unthinkable. These remarkable technologies include using fat injections to provide a more balanced contour in the face and body to using lasers to address a huge variety of skin-related challenges like wrinkles, skin laxity, acne scars, and more.

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Dr. Joubin Gabbay works to provide his patients with expert care that realizes their vision. The key to providing the incredible results our patients are looking for is to truly engage with them and learn what it is that they want to achieve and, in turn, guiding them to a realistic goal based on our professional insight and experience.

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