Common Belly Button Problems

Belly buttons are an interesting part of the body that often do not get a lot of attention unless there is an issue. Your belly button begins to form just seconds after birth right when the umbilical cord is cut. Most often everyone’s belly button begins as an “outie” and over time becomes an “innie.” However, roughly ten percent of the population has an “outie” belly button shape. Below we put together some common belly button problems.

While some issues with your belly button are medical-related, some issues can also be cosmetic. In fact, thousands of people get belly button plastic surgery every year and most tummy tucks also involve navel touch-ups. Below you will find some of the most common belly button problems people face.

Common Belly Button Problems

Umbilical Hernia:

Women who have been pregnant or are currently carrying a child likely understand the changes that happen when it comes to your belly button. Your belly button often changes during and after pregnancy as you put on and lose weight around your abdomen. Some women experience an umbilical hernia during pregnancy. This requires medical attention and should be taken seriously during your pregnancy. After you have given birth, a skilled surgeon can help with your belly button repair, including issues like an umbilical hernia.

Bacterial Infection:

If you have a cyst or wound on or behind your belly button, bacteria can cause an infection. Infections can cause pain and swelling, in addition to naval leakage. This requires medical intervention and a prescription for antibiotics so it doesn’t spread.

Cosmetic Issues:

You may be unhappy with the size, shape, or position of your belly button. And this is especially true after pregnancy. Many women undergo tummy tucks to enhance the look of their abdomen. It is common to get a belly button revision in combination with a tummy tuck if you are unhappy with the look of your belly button after pregnancy.

Sebaceous Cyst:

This is a lump under your skin that can be felt when you touch it as you can manually move it back and forth. It grows slowly under your skin and is often caused by things such as cuts, scrapes, or even a blocked gland around one of your hair follicles. They come in various sizes and are most often fairly harmless. The smaller ones can drain and cause a foul smell, but it shouldn’t be cause for concern. However, the larger ones may require some help from a medical professional as they can be painful and swell.

Skin Irritation:

The skin around your belly button can be sensitive which can leave your skin dry and itchy. This can come from soaps or other irritating substances used around your belly button. Use gentle cleansers around your belly button and refrain from over washing the area. Do you notice pain, swelling, or redness? Contact a medical professional and have the issue checked out as soon as you can.

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Feeling confident in your skin is important as low self-esteem can lead to other issues such as anxiety and depression. Having a positive self-image is important, and you should invest in yourself as it has long-term benefits. If you are uncomfortable in a bikini or feel self-conscious about your belly button after childbirth, there are treatments that can help get you back on track.

Depending on your unique issue, there are a variety of procedures that can enhance the look of your belly button, including a belly button revision, umbilical hernia repair, and umbilicoplasty. Patients who have had these procedures report high satisfaction as they can each address issues such as the size, shape, and position of your belly button. If you are dissatisfied with the look of your belly button, contact the experts at Gabbay Plastic Surgery. They are the best of the best when it comes to Beverly Hills plastic surgery!

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