Trifecta Therapy


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“Hi everyone. Today, we were supposed to have someone come in and do some , but he got sick. So, I’m going to do it.”

“We’re going to start the procedure by putting some numbing medicine on my delicate little face. It’s going to make it totally painless.”

“So, you have good veins because you hydrated really well, Dr. Gabbay.”

“This trifecta therapy will take blood, which we got from my arm.”

“Sylvia is insisting that I stop acting like a fool and talk to you about why we’re doing this. So, trifecta therapy is a combination of micro needling, PRP, and stem cell growth factor serum.”

“So, other things about micro needling and trifecta therapy – it really takes a few weeks for it all to work and it only gets better.”


“This is the PRP being dripped onto my head. There’s that little yellow thing there. Now, she’s going to start the micro needling.”

“Another interesting thing, you may see some other people doing deeper levels of micro needling. You really only need to get a shallow level of skin penetration, which means less pain.”

“We’re going to take some of the PRP and inject it underneath my eyelids to help rejuvenate that and it acts like a natural filler.”

“It does not hurt. It feels good. It’s actually kind of relaxing. Some people fall asleep when they do this.”

“This can be performed on the body: face, neck, chest, hands. We all take care of our faces, but as we women know, we also need to take care of our necks and our chest.”

“I’m injecting the PRP into his tear trough. He’s such a good patient. So, what this is going to do – it’s not exactly like a filler, but it is going to give a little more volume.”

“These are growth factors, which are stimulatory to the body. They stimulate your body to create new skin, improve the quality of your skin, and they’re from stem cells.”

“Everything went great. I feel fantastic!”

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