Get Your Body Back After Pregnancy

woman's body with lines and arrows

The ability to create new life is an indisputable gift. However, there is no point in denying that it comes with a cost. Trying to get your body back after pregnancy can be tough. With the average woman gaining 25-35 during pregnancy, our bodies go through a remarkable transformation in an effort to adapt. Everything …

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Reclaiming your Beauty as a New Mom

New mom admiring post-pregnancy body in mirror

Pregnancy and birth naturally come with a lot of stress: physical and emotional. As your body rapidly changes and your hormone levels go into flux, there’s an increased risk that your self-confidence and mental health could suffer. Unfortunately, these complications don’t vanish after birth. You’re left with a body that is forever changed. For many women, those changes are a thing of beauty, a reminder of the gift they were given. However, recognizing that gift does not require you to be happy with your post-pregnancy body.

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