Top Reasons for a Winter Breast Lift

concept of woman winter breast lift

While there isn’t a bad time to schedule a breast lift, there are certain advantages you may enjoy depending on the time of year. A breast lift is a surgical procedure that can be done for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons for having this surgery are to correct drooping breasts, reduce sagging …

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Breast Lift vs Augmentation

Woman who had either breast lift or augmentation

As you age the appearance of your breasts can change in shape and size. This can be exacerbated by pregnancy, breastfeeding, and major weight fluctuations for many women. Due to this, many women feel less confident about their appearance. Feeling confident about your appearance is important for your self-esteem and mental health. If you are …

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Start the New Year With a Breast Lift

Woman who is ready to start the new year with a breast lift.

Why not start the new year with a breast lift? As you get older you may notice that your breasts are impacted by the effects of gravity. This can be exacerbated by pregnancy and breastfeeding. A breast lift is an effective way to improve the look of your breasts and get back your confidence. Start …

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Why Winter Is the Best Time for a Breast Surgery

woman wrapping measuring tape around chest

Tis the season of cozy sweaters and hot cocoa. In a normal year, we would be gathering with family and friends to enjoy the winter holidays, then finding ourselves grateful for the loose-fitting clothing typical of our winter wardrobe. This year is far from normal, but there is one thing that remains the same. Winter …

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Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Lift – Which Is The Right Choice For Me

stock image for why combine breast procedures

Breast augmentation is a procedure to increase cup size or restore breast size by utilizing breast implants or fat transfer. Breast lift is a procedure that lifts the breast tissue and areola to improve contour and correct sagging breasts and nipples, reduced volume of breasts, or widened areolas. This article compares the benefits of breast …

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