Why Do Facelift Results Last?

concept of why do facelift results last

As you get older, your skin and the underlying tissues lose their natural elasticity. This can result in skin sagging, fine lines, wrinkles, and make you look much older than you are. This can impact your facial aesthetic and your self-confidence. A facelift is a highly beneficial cosmetic procedure that offers a variety of benefits. …

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All You Need to Know About Buccal Fat

concept of facial buccal fat

Everyone has buccal fat in their face. It is the fat located between your cheek and jaw bones. The size of your buccal fat can change the shape of your face. Those with larger buccal fat pads often have a rounder face. Buccal fat removal involves the removal of fat which can make your face …

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Will a Facelift Make You Look Younger?

Concept image of how facelift can make you look younger

A facelift is an effective cosmetic procedure that can transform your appearance. As you age, the skin on your face can sag and wrinkles can form. This can make you look much older than you are. If you are considering treatment options, you may wonder, will a facelift make you look younger? Will a Facelift …

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